The DAS system of Xin Chuan East, directly with the depot custom product patent on a unique advantage. The DAS system of cooperative R & D and Changan Car Factory within the excess depot sales. Right now, the favourite smartphone, has

also led to the intelligent car audio system. Dvd and blu-ray navigation will usher in

an “Andrews” popular, enables you to encounter unparalleled Fiat enjoy, enjoy

the magnificent speed line. Start user encounter and substantial software of

Attained downloads, real-time to relish a swim 3G wifi network, allow car

“smart”, “mobile phone” is now inevitable.

Xin Chuan East in

Zhengzhou exhibition recently, the introduction of dynamic safety warning

program – “the DAS motorists assistance system, as a result we avoid driver

fatigue. Most recent exhibition in Guangzhou new Android-specific navigation program,

band of car electronic safety, functionality, entertainment then one to raise

the complete application execution speed, support FLash10.1 video playback,

games, sociable applications, to ensure that conversation , entertainment and simpleness!

Xinchuan East

intelligent Andrews dedicated navigation, all dedicated car mode, Xinchuan East

Technology Co., Ltd. to generate professional’s smart Dvd and blu-ray and blu-ray navigation personalized for

each model. Predicated on general supervisor of Shenzhen Xin Chuan East Technology

Co., Ltd. to start ancestral text: “the variations we are dealing with a lot, five

car basically are participating, but our primary concentrate within the high-end variations, such as

Toyota, Ford, Nissan series etc. “

Recently, Xin

Chuan East is still used could be the business design from the outlets, take the correct execution of

4S shop, improve item quality, little to perform fine. Using the advancement of

enterprises, the shops of the business enterprise enterprise model offers didn’t meet up with the size of

advancement of Xin Chuan East. “This year we intend to do back-channel

business model, to ensure that both may smooth price, but additionally be capable of product sales

to go up.” To start a general intro, using the channel

business, a one-period delivery, competitive products, could possibly be avoided prices have

been large fluctuations. Furthermore, Andrews sensible navigation program to

take the route administration, item placing within the high-end stage, within the

best five of a nearby, is capable of doing a stabilizing influence in prices.

Furthermore, open

total, said: “The contrary mode of method with other corporations, in

order to permit quality of total clearance, only on the product quality points,

in order that customers trust the standard of our items, in order to

get yourself a win-win.”

Once in

the production of products, Xin Chuan East Technology Co., Ltd. could be

uniquely.Main products: car Dvd movie participant and auto dvd ,

are with excellent.DAS program is quite organic, Xin Chuan East all initial item sold to

end customers, plus some implementation, and finally re-enter the

factory mode of production, ie to avoid the production of needless trouble,

but also to make certain that product quality


a: direct navigation setting up multiple destinations using the navigator, we

may also in enough time of navigation path, adding a brand new node, then your

navigator depends more than the actual address and a person specified within the

order to take care of planning.